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T-Shirt - PIXIE Grey

T-Shirt - PIXIE Grey

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PIXIE CS-5 T-Shirt

Pixie CS-5
owner / driver Ross McCracken and Family
location Dorval, Quebec, Canada
hull info / class 145 cubic inch inboard hydroplane (S class) - original hull
Built in 1984/5 by Russell Haworth
LOA / beam 13' 6"  / 7'
launch crane
motor Ford Pinto 2000cc
gearbox direct drive
propeller mfg / size Mercury
years raced / history 1985 - 2005
Pixie CS-5
Flying Tiger CS-
Flying Eagle CS-17
My Way CS-154
Pro Lab CS-4
Whitelite'nin CS-18
owner-Russell Haworth / driver-Daniel Brossoit
owner/driver Victor Trahan
owner/driver  Mario Trahan
owner/driver Serge Roy & Cynthia Roy
owner/driver Serge Roy & Cynthia Roy
owner/driver Sheri Diabo

History of the Pixies:
PIXIE 1 (1960's 850cc)  HAWORTH - has not been found
PIXIE 2 (1982-1984)      HAWORTH - raced through the 80's, parked and then burned
PIXIE 3 (1985-2005)      HAWORTH - this boat
PIXIE 4 (1986)              JONES - was found to be way too heavy so they immediately started on a new version. The Jones hull apparently ended up in Florida and was raced at the 50th Anniversary of Valleyfield headed back down south never to be seen again. 
PIXIE 5 (1988-present)   AULD - Jamie Auld & Francois Lesperance built for the 1988 season. This boat is actually in Virginia and for sale on the Region 4 website by Durward Wilson having raced up to the 2009 season.